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30min - $45         1 hr - $80           75min - $100         90 minutes - $120 

All Williamston Wellness Health Collective providers are Michigan licensed clinical massage therapists.Techniques vary by practitioner and include: Clinical (problem-specific treatment; may focus on only specific body areas for entire session; usually using deep tissue techniques)Relaxation (lighter touch, typically full body; may include energy work)Swedish (long, continuous strokes [effleurage] and tissue rolling [petrissage], typically full body; light-deep pressure)Deep Tissue (multiple techniques: Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Shiatsu)Cranio-Sacral (clinical focus: headache/migraine, concussion, sinus relief, stress/anxiety; light touch and energy work)Ashiatsu (Japanese-style using feet as tool; full body)Reflexology (specific to hands and/or feet; light or deep touch; energy work)Massage Cupping (full-body or specific area; light or deep; cups may be stationary or moving)Oncology Massage (lymph drainage and/or light touch trigger point or energy work)Sports Massage (passive and active assisted stretching, lactic acid-lymph drainage, )Pre-natal Massage (using pregnancy pillow or side-lying; modified clinical and/or relaxation techniques)​​​

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