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Skincare, Dermaplane & Facial Cupping

with Linnette Porter, Aesthetician 

1hr Customized Facial $90

90m Customized Facial $115

Basic Dermaplane $70

90m Facial w/Dermaplane $150

30m Facial Cupping $30

More services and combos available...please refer to our on-line menu

Experience a facial designed just for you., using professional products that are are all natural, paraben free;, and made in the USA..  Your appointment will consist of a skin analysis, deep double cleanse, exfoliation, specialized serums, masks, LED light treatment, and moisturizing. 

 Consider dermaplane to  physically exfoliate the skin, leaving it baby soft with a healthy glow.  Dermaplaning encourages faster cell turnover leading to a smoother texture.   It prepares your skin to accept topical skin care ingredients more rapidly and evenly, contributing to the overall look and health of your skin.   

Facial cupping is a gentle practice that uses suction cups on the skin to softly lift the skin and massage it. The suction from the cups helps to drain the lymph nodes and promotes oxygen supply to the skin. You will feel small but gentle pulling sensations.  Cupping helps rejuvenate the skin, eliminates puffiness, stimulates collagen production, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and scars. It also can help relieve symptoms from sinus infections, headaches and TMJ..

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