Gene took up yoga in 2013 as a means to ease chronic back problems. Although he was active as a distance runner and endurance bicycle racer, degenerative disc disease resulted in two back surgeries and the realization that yoga was a much kinder way to treat the body.  He started his teacher training in fall 2014 and the 240 hour Hatha Yoga teaching certificate was completed in 2015.  Over the past three years he has also completed teacher certification for Lakshmi Voelker Chair Yoga, Bryan Kest Power Yoga, Yin Yoga, and Meditation.  Gene began teaching yoga at the Williamston High School Adult Fitness Center in the fall of 2015 and classes at Williamston Wellness in 2017.  He currently teaches Gentle Yoga and Power Yoga at both locations.

Gene’s thoughts about teaching Gentle Yoga: “I wanted to create a class geared toward seniors but open and accessible to anyone, including beginners or those who have never done yoga. On many poses, I will suggest modifications or alternatives that you can choose from to suit your level of flexibility and your physical limitations. Many of people in the 50+ age group have arthritis or problems with the spine, knees, or shoulders. I have some of the same issues myself, and have a good sense of when to urge caution and how you can experience the benefits of a pose without hurting yourself.”



Monica is a mother of 3 boys who help her practice the balance of movement and stillness. She's been teaching yoga since getting certified in 2010. Her continued education includes yoga trainings and workshops for trauma informed yoga, yoga for PTSD, Yoga for Addiction/Recovery (Y12SR), adaptive yoga (for conditions such as MS and Parkinson's), kids yoga, and more. She enjoys teaching gentle yoga and making yoga accessible to all.  Monica loves learning and is currently attending massage therapy school. She likes to incorporate self-massage in some of her classes.

Monica’s thoughts on yoga: “I found yoga 3 years after having my second son. I immediately recognized the stress and tension I was carrying in my body and mind, and the lack of connection I was feeling with myself in all aspects. Yoga became a way for me to leave everything out of the room and gain strength, flexibility, and balance, on and off the mat. It allows me to quiet my busy mind and energize me when I'm down. This practice continues to help me process trauma I have experienced as well as find joy and

gratitude through breath, movement, and stillness. My goal is to help others experience the treasures yoga has to offer.”



Amy Moore started at Williamston Wellness in March 2019.  Amy has worked in the health and wellness arena for 26-years and is a life-long resident of Ingham County.  She was trained in trauma-informed yoga and received her Yoga Certification in December 2017.  She has been a yoga practitioner for over 30-years.  

Amy’s thoughts on yoga: “Being the best “you” can be, might mean that you need to increase your quiet moments, or push yourself through a funk.  Yoga, prayer and meditation help us tap into the insight of the divine and allows us to collectively receive messages from our body, mind and spirit to guide us in our roles and commitments.  The movements of yoga stimulates nerves to release emotions, tensions and memories that can bring unnecessary fear into our current reality. Yoga allows us to work through these tensions and emotions and consider their release, so we can bring our best selves into our inner and outer lives.  My motto for 2019 is JOY!  Bringing joy, acceptance and truth to those in my presence is my intention for this year. All abilities are welcome to participate; modifications, mats and supports are provided.  I welcome you to come

and experience guidance through a centering practice that helps you tune-in to be your best YOU! “